Don't ever take your car to Southern States Volkswagen in Raleigh

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They are horrible, from the service techs who wanted to charge $7000 to fix a timing belt that broke after visiting them and asking precisely to inspect the car thoroughly for me because I just got it.They told me it was all done the first day.

Second time, I needed some things replaced a month later and by the third time and $600 later my timing belt broke while on the highway. I called and spoke to the shop foreman and ask at what mileage was the timing belt suppose and him and the other two service techs gave me different answers. Then the foreman tried to argue me down and say it was my fault. The Manager nor General Manager never called me back after multiple requests and letters.

They suck as a whole.

They service techs also offered to buy my car because the outside was in such great shape.Got To Be Kidding!

Review about: Horrible Service.

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